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YOU can play Carols on the Piano by Christmas Eve, even if you have never played piano before!
Letter Names in Big Notes is the key for the EASIEST PLAYING EVER!

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From beginners to experts, we teach you to read music, play by ear, and become a more creative musician.

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Types Of Piano Music You Can Learn To Play

Roxy has taught in the following styles in college for several decades. No matter what style you chose, you can learn to read music, play by ear and become a more creative musician.


Put on your tuxedo or little black dress and play as the Master’s intended! You will know every note, rhythm, and symbol on the page and even learn a little Italian in the process. Roxy was the principle pianist with the Trinity Symphony Orchestra for over 19 years.


Yes! Jazz can be taught! You don’t need to grow a goatee or wear a beret. Roxy has created a method to show step by step how to improve your groove and improv skills. You will learn how to read from a lead sheet, create magical solos, and “play by ear.”


Slide on your sunglasses and learn how to play blazing rock solos! Get in the groove and play “in the pocket.” Roxy brings decades of experience from touring with “The Fabulous Hubcaps”, as well as several other classic rock groups.

Christian Music

Take your playing to a heavenly level! When you're more confident you can minister with greater freedom. Roxy was a music director in various churches from traditional to contemporary for over 3 decades. (Literally since she was a kid.)

Roxy Piano Lessons offers an exciting new approach to video tutorials and private lessons. On any device, you learn at your own pace and in your own place.

Piano Is Music Literacy
It’s The Universal Language Of Music.

By learning this language, you will become a musician capable of playing for your own enjoyment, to entertain others, or to be a member of a band. You will also be able to apply these skills to other instruments and voice.

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Meet Roxy - Your New Piano Instructor!
Lynn Roxy Gambrill - online piano lessons

Roxy is an accomplished performing artist, college instructor and internet entrepreneur. She is a member of the Maryland Entertainment Hall of Fame. She attended both Peabody and Shenandoah Conservatories, and is a graduate of the Music Education Program at Towson University in Maryland.

Roxy toured with the Fabulous Hubcaps and several other rock bands, performing as a lead singer, playing keyboards, flute, alto and tenor sax. Her original music is frequently heard on television and radio. She has performed as a featured artist on cruise ships playing jazz, standards, and R&B.

In addition, Roxy was the associate music director and pianist in a 35 piece symphony orchestra for 19 years. She has also been a music director for an AME (African Methodist Episcopal) Church in Baltimore.

Roxy brings all of this experience and passion to help you become the best musician you can be...

“Together you and me make perfect harmony!”

What They're Saying

I’ve known Lynn Roxy most of my life. She is an amazing musician and a great teacher. It is her talent and her heart and passion for teaching that will help you reach your musical dreams.

Barry Graul, MercyMe Guitarist

She’s an educator of the highest quality, and her dedication to her students along with her encouraging and supportive attitude towards them creates a great atmosphere in which to learn. Lynn loves what she does and it shows.

Leo Huppert, Blood, Sweat and Tears, Jersy Boys, Broadway, Bassist

I can’t think of anyone more accomplished, professional or experienced to teach others her craft. Anyone who learns under Lynn’s tutelage will be learning from the best.

Janie Noelte

I worked in New Orleans for several years with Lynn. She will take your piano playing to a whole new level!

Breeze Cayolle, Elton John, Elvis Costello, Allen Toussaint

Prof Lynn is an awesome instructor! She's knowledgeable, patient, kind and has a warm spirit. My lesson day is the highlight of my entire week. I always learn new things in every single lesson. You won't be disappointed!

Yvette F., Long Time Student

Roxy Piano Lessons has everything you need to play like a Maestro!

Audrey Sanders, Florida Lakes Symphony Orchestra, Executive Director, Founder

This website is truly a gem! I’ve been doing the online lessons with the 14-day free trial and they are fantastic! My intent for having the private lesson was to figure out how to proceed with my complicated music and piano history, where to start to reach my playing goals. But honestly, your bite-sized lessons are doing just that for me. Everything I need is here.

Robin R.

Once a decade I find something I consider to be a real treasure and your online lessons are my greatest find. I wish I’d known about them years ago! I’m sticking with this!

Mark P.
I've received so many compliments on the way I sound since I've been studying with her. I am playing the way I've always imagined!
Kitty M.
Excellent instruction! She has a kind, warm spirit in the way that she teaches. I love her!
Joe C.
Her talent, her poise, her versatility is top notch. It's taken my playing to new heights!
David H.
It is truly wonderful to see patients be swept away in music and being distracted (even for a little bit) from the reasons they are in the hospital.Lynn is always so radiant. That is one reason she brings so much JOY to others. She simply SHINES!
Shirley R., Franklin Square Cancer Center
I have known Lynn since high school, and have always been impressed with her talent, professionalism, and integrity. I would give her my highest recommendation!
Al Redmer, Maryland Insurance Commissioner/Former Delegate
My piano teacher has a new, more accessible way of teaching lessons for anyone, of any age. She’s a great teacher and I learned so much from her.
Heather R
Best teacher out there! I know first hand.
Clint K.
Fabulous teacher, and she’s as nice as she sounds!
Cherie’ B.
The way that you teach, encourage, and lift others up to reach their own God given talent and potential show cases your heart of humility.
Eleanore M.

Tony played in "Jesse and the Rippers" on ABC's Full House, in the bands "Player" (Baby Come Back), and The Little River Band (Reminiscing)

Adrienne has studied Jazz, Classical, and Gospel for over 5 years.