Free Pianos…

OK, let’s be real! When was the last time you got something really big for free? I’m talkin’ no strings attached!

So what makes you think your going to get a “Free” piano?

Aunt Matilda has a piano. It’s been in the family for longer then anyone can remember. You have fond memories of singing around that piano with your family when you were a kid. You want this piano and it’s “Free!” But is it?

You might want to find out how many people have turned down Aunt Matilda’s piano. Her place of worship, her friends and all your cousins. Here are some possible reasons why:

  • The piano is filthy and is moldy inside
  • The sound board is cracked (be sure you play every note, when checking out a piano)
  • The piano will not hold a tune (average tuning $150)
  • It would cost at least $200 to move it locally (by the way, don’t attempt to move a piano with friends, it might not end well)

You could be into this piano for $500-$600 just for a move, a tuning, and basic repairs.

It is recommended that pianos have to be tuned every 6-12 months. Moving, temperature changes, excessive humidity and placement in your house can all mean more frequent tuning.

Finally, don’t be dazzled by the “deals” you see on Craig’s List or E-bay. These acoustic pianos have probably been turned down by more people then Aunt Matilda’s piano. Take your time. Try everything out there. Find a piano that speaks to you. One that sings! One that looks and sounds “right” for you. That’s your piano! I did get a very nice Kawai Upright Piano from my Aunt. I am thrilled with it, but the “free” piano cost $600 for the reasons listed above.

Next time we will tackle the subject of electric pianos. Until then, go fetch a cup of tea, grab a cookie and get in there and practice a new song or two!

“Together you and me make perfect harmony!”

Lynn Roxy

Thank you Phil Heiliger for your input in this article.

written by: Joe Caliguro