Live Piano Lessons

Learn How To Play The Piano Online With Roxy’s One On One Personalized Lessons.

New students receive a COMPLIMENTARY orientation call!

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Roxy Piano Lessons offers live piano lessons through a variety of popular platforms including Skype, Facetime, Zoom, and more. Our lessons offer a convenient and easy way to work with a live instructor from your home.

Our Live Piano Lessons Let You:

  • Schedule regular one on one lessons
  • Check-in occasionally with Roxy to monitor progress
  • Get assistance with a song
  • Develop essential skills
  • & much more!
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Piano Is Music Literacy - It’s The Universal Language Of Music.
By learning this language, you will become a musician capable of playing for your own enjoyment, to entertain others, or to be a member of a band. You will also be able to apply these skills to other instruments and voice.
Online Piano Lessons

Live Online Lessons For All Levels

Our one-on-one live lessons will provide guidance, tips and feedback on your progress. Together we can work on any part of the course or any song(s) of your choice. We will assist you in reaching your goals wherever you are on your musical journey.

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